Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to become a member?

No we have free membership although our system provides for many upgrades

How do I grow my network/referral group within the TNR system.

You can invite other companies to join TNR through your URL, or you can ask other services Who are already members to join your network referral group.

Am I obligated to keep services that I am networking with, in my networking group.

No, you have complete control over your very own referral network group and you can delete any referral off your networking group at any time.

If I am deleted from someone’s networking group will I be notified?

Yes, we believe you should be notified if your service happens to be deleted from someone’s networking group, so that you can replace that particular type of business in your group. or so that you will not recommend someone who no longer exist in your group.

Can anyone join top notch referrals?

Most anyone can join TNR however if for any reason we feel that a businesses may Hurt the integrity of TNR, gets bad unresolved reviews, bad BBB ratings. Etc, then we will terminate membership.

How many networking referrals can I obtain in my referral list?

Free members will have a maximum of 5, and can add another 5 by obtaining 10-five star reviews (First Year).

Paying members can have up to 150 referrals on their TNR preferred referral list.

How does your bartering system work?

Here is an example. You may be roofer who needs some electrical work, you would make your request and we would send it to all electricians who are bartering participants in your local area,

If any one is interested in bartering services with you they will contact you and you will determine the terms and conditions to your request.

Are there any additional fees for bartering?

No, barter requests are only limited to your account upgrade status.

How many bartering request can I make?

free members can make up to 3 request per year but can receive unlimited request.

Paying members can make unlimited request but can have only one request at a time.

Is it true I can become a TNR member, have all the full benefits of a paying member without having to pay?

Anytime a business signs up under your URL and becomes a paying member after their first year we began to give you credits, once you have a total of 10 TNR members who have become paying members your membership becomes totally free.

What if I only have 5 paying members what would my renewal fee be at that time?

We subtract $40 for every paying member at their one-year renewal towards your membership. Your total would equal $200 of credit that would go towards your renewal fee.

Why do I have to order my business cards through TNR?

Free businesses are not obligated to purchase business cards,

Part of growing your business, networking, and taking full benefit of what TNR has to offer, will all come through Sharing customers through there TNR profile page, The best way to achieve this is for all participating members to have their URL on their business cards to make access simple for their customers to find their referrals, this helps everyone grow their business together. Another advantage to this is that, once you connect with another business you become referring partners, so if you are connected with 40 other businesses and they are all giving out their business cards to their customers your going to greatly benefit.

And to be sure that all participating members have their TNR URL attached to their Business cards we need it to go through our system.

Do I have to pay any additional monies if I receive referrals?

No, we provide a place for people to work together the harder you work to promote each other’s business the greater your rewards.